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LAVISH DECO: Excellences of Glass Film

One of our #glassfilm type is Low Reflection Film. Read the details below!

  • It reduce the reflection of the glass

  • Recommended for places where you want to reduce reflections on the glass surface and increase visibility. Such as tall buildings, apartments, hotels, etc.

  • It reducing the reflection of light from inside the room, so that the view from outside can be seen more clearly at night.

  • Can protect from UV rays and anti-static properties, reduce dust adhesion due to static electricity

  • It can reduce the reflection of objects such as in museums

If you are interested with this type, you can contact us for the details:

Jl. Langensari No. 29, Klitren, Yogyakarta (Maps: )

Telepon: 0274-587999

Whatsapp: 0819898683 (order via Whatsapp)

If you are looking for Anti Virus, Anti Bacteria products and more, you can check our catalog here.

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