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Lavish Deco - Design Talk: "Creating a Character For Your Room's Personality"

Lavish Deco's new store which is located at Jalan Lagensari No. 29, held an event called Design Talk, which was held on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The main theme of this event was "Creating a Character For Your Room's Personality". This event was held with Interior Design students from the Art Institute of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They were also working with Hopsto|Riese, Design Studio Indonesia.

This event was filled with information which was delivered by a couple of speakers, among them is Adhimena (Principal of Hopsto|Riese), Leonnyta (Designer of Hopsto|Riese), Rahma (From Lavish Deco), Mahdi NC (Academic Interior Study Program ISI Yogyakarta).

Our expectations for the future is that through this event knowledge about interior design can grow more widespread, as well as to innovate and be creative in creating a character for your room's personality.

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in this event, and we wait for all of you creative people who want to learn more and discuss about Interior Design. Head straight to Lavish Deco's new store! See you all!

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