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LAVISH DECO: Why Use Wallcovering is Better Than Paint Your Wall

Here's the reasons why use wallcovering is better than paint your wall:


1. Wallcovering Is Built to Last

When you choose wall-coverings, you will never have to go back and redo the wall — unless you want to — for years, maybe even decades

2. Wallcovering is more Flexible and has High Style

Wallcovering's intricate designs, details and patterns can’t be re-created with paint

3. Wallcovering Create a Truly Unique Décor and Design

The chances of someone coming into your home and saying, “I have that exact wallpaper in my house!” are slim, but it’s fairly common with painted walls.

Sure, paint comes in a variety of shades, but most people gravitate toward the same neutral color schemes. Wallpaper can be customized to reflect your individual style and can create a different feel from room to room. Now, if you decide to use wallcovering, discuss with our team and we are glad if we can help you.

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