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LAVISH DECO: The Reasons Why You Need Rug in Your Home or Room!


A rug can effortlessly transform any room. This is the reasons why you need rug in your room:

Not only can a rug change the look and mood of a room, they also have a range of practical benefits - from warming your home, to reducing noise and protecting your floor.

  • Area rugs tie together a room's color scheme

  • They anchor furniture

  • Rugs are works of art

  • Rugs add warmth, comfort and safety

  • Rugs work in every room

  • They absorb sound

  • Protect your floors

  • Changes your color themes

  • Brighten a dark room

Wanna find perfect rug? Contact our team or you can visit our store!

Jl. Langensari No. 29, Klitren, Yogyakarta (Maps: )

Telepon: 0274-587999

Whatsapp: 0819898683 (order via Whatsapp)

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