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LAVISH DECO: Small Talk & Play with Lavish Deco - Recap

This is the recap of our last event “Small Talk and Play Interior Material with Lavish Deco” which was held on Wednesday - Thursday, October 14-15, 2020.

This event was filled with information which was delivered by Mr. Suryadi Saputra (Marketing & Branding Promotion Sincol, Jakarta).

Our expectations for the future is that through this event knowledge about interior design can grow more widespread, as well as to innovate and be creative in many ways.

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in this event, and we wait for all of you creative people who want to learn more and discuss about Interior.

Jl. Langensari No. 29, Klitren, Yogyakarta (Maps: ) Telepon: 0274-587999 Whatsapp: 0819898683 (order via Whatsapp) If you are looking for Anti Virus, Anti Bacteria products and more, you can check our catalog here. #StyleByLavish #LavishDeco #interiorjogja #wallpaperjogja #wallpaperpremiumjogja #coworkingspacejogja

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