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LAVISH DECO: How To Choose Wallpaper for Your Living Room!

Updated: Apr 3

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When it comes to selecting the right wallpaper for your most important communal space, a lot of factors have to be considered. The living area is for the whole family to enjoy. It's also a place where guests come to relax and is a room that has multi-purpose uses.

Wallpaper tips for the living room:

  • Choose warm colors: Shades like orange, warm yellow and soft amber are ideal if you want a living space that sets the mood. Or, if you entertain often and need something to liven up the party, experiment with vibrant and exciting hues instead.

  • Opt for easy-on-the-eye patterns: While busy patterns are beautiful to look at, a relaxing space such as a living room works well with wall designs that aren’t distracting. If you crave modern geometrics, choose something soft and muted like this abstract Inner Space wallpaper by Nicola Evans as shown above.

  • Make it personal to you: Living spaces are about you and your family, so make it relatable. If you love to travel, a photography mural like this gorgeous Rome Sunset wallpaper shown below, makes a great feature and talking point.

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