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Lavish Deco at Jogja Interior Home Exhibition (Plaza Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta)

On November 27th until December 2nd, 2019, Lavish Deco took part in an event called "Jogja Interior Home Exhibition" at the Atrium Plaza Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta.

In this exhibition Lavish Deco showed their latest collections, starting from Wallcovering, Gordyn, Fabric, Carpet, Flooring, Phomi, Blinds, and everything related to soft furnishing.

Through this exhibition, Lavish Deco hopes that it can inspire visitors that have a plan to renovate the interior furnishings. Do it while we're going into the New Year! If you want to know more or discuss about interior design, you can visit Lavish Deco's store which is located at Jl. Langensari No. 29, RT 57/RW 15, Klitren, Yogyakarta.

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