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Lavish Deco: Antibacterial Wallpaper from Sincol

In such situations and conditions today, hygiene and health are very important, not excluding interior design. You have to choose a product that can protect you and your family. Take Antibacterial Wallpaper as an example.

In Lavish Deco we now present a new product from Sincol, Antibacterial Wallpaper. It not only displays modern style but this Antibacterial Wallpaper is the right choice for you and your family that prioritizes health.

If you have a plan to change your the wallpaper in your home, then it is the right choice, especially during these times! Do not forget to choose a wallpaper that also serves to protect you and your family from bacteria, germs, and diseases. Antibacterial Wallpaper from Lavish Deco is your perfect choice!

Let's contact us or visit our store as soon as possible because protecting your family is the most important thing!


Jl. Langensari No. 29, Klitren, Yogyakarta

0274-587999 | 0819898683

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