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Lavish Catalog May 2024 : PREMIUM WOODPANEL

Woodpanel Jogja
Catalog Lavish May 2024

Hello lavish people, in this May catalog, Lavish Deco presents a special edition! This catalog will discuss wood panel products. Do you know what wood panels are? In addition to presenting wood panel products, we will explain a bit about wood panels.

Wood panels are building materials made from layers of wood bonded together to form larger sheets or panels. Wood panels are used in various applications, including building construction, furniture, and interior decoration.

Wood panels create a natural impression in a room. Why can the use of wood panels create a natural impression? This is because the color of wood panels tends to resemble wood; brown is a color often found in several wood panel products. Although there are other colors such as dark brown, gray, and white, these colors can also give a room a modern look, as shown in the wood panel product images below.

This catalog features several of our premium wood panel products. Various color and design options are available.

To view the complete catalog or more wood panel products, click here.

You can visit the Lavish Deco Store directly at:

Jl. Langensari No. 29, Klitren, Yogyakarta (Maps: )

Phone: 0274-587999

WhatsApp: 0819898683 (order via WhatsApp)

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